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We are small family-owned business comprised of a team of passionate soap making teachers and professionals. We have decades of combined experience and a long family lineage of dedicated and life-long soap makers. The Ultimate Guide to Liquid Soap team is dedicated to student growth and success. We strive to provide quality and informative educational resources to equip each student with the necessary tools and experience to successfully formulate and create beautiful liquid soaps with the soap qualities, appearance, and performance he or she desires. 

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Disclaimer: This book was created to increase your knowledge and skills in hot process soap making. Under no circumstances is this book, its contents, photographs or its recipes to be photocopied, printed, sold or posted online or anywhere else for commercial or personal use. This book is designed and intended for personal use only and not intended for business or commercial use. Any and all attempts of intellectual property theft or copyright infringement will be handled in accordance with the law.  Terms & Conditions